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Do you remember when 18 year old Aimee Ryan from England celebrated her adulthood by fucking her boyfriend on camera for us? We couldn’t forget and we couldn’t stop thinking about how hot it was and how much we enjoyed working with the pint sized beauty. Aimee isn’t just smoking hot, she’s also an absolute sweetheart who was tons of fun to work with. That’s why we decided to ask her if she wanted to come back for a second round of photo shoots. Imagine our excitement when she said yes and asked if she could do another hard core set with her boyfriend!

This time when we arrive Aimee is already naked from the waist down. We can see her nicely shaved pussy lips peeking out between her long lean legs as she shows us in. As soon as the cameras start rolling she’s ready for action. “Remember how much fun we had on camera the last time? This time let’s make it even hotter.” Aimee’s boyfriend helps her out of her tank top so he can cup her little boobs in his hands and run his fingers over her tight nipples. At the same time, Aimee makes short work of removing her man’s pants.

The two have clearly been waiting for this moment with anticipation. Aimee’s man is long and hard and ready for her, and we can see that her pussy is dripping with desire. Pushing her boyfriend to the couch, Aimee climbs on top of him and sinks down onto his pulsing cock with the ease of lots of practice. She smiles over her shoulder at him with a happy sigh as she grinds her hips down on his dick. “I just love how well we fit together. Let’s show them how much time has improved our lovemaking.” These two are just getting warmed up and it only gets hotter from here. Check out Aimee’s whole hard core shoot now only at

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