Stella Banxxx Sheer Black Thong

Sexy black lingerie doesn’t have to be worn with a little black dress to be hot, as 19 year old Stella Banxxx has come to realize. “I love dressing up sexy and maybe a little slutty when I go out and party, but there’s no rule that says I can’t wear nice underwear beneath my everyday clothes, too. It’s pretty awesome to have that little bit of extra sexiness when I’m in the mood during the day, too. In fact, I’m feeling a little bit horny right now…”

As Stella shares her little secret with us, she slides her t-shirt up her belly and above her all natural breasts to show us her very nice black bra that highlights her creamy skin and lifts up her medium sized boobs into deep cleavage. After the shirt has come off, she slowly shimmies out of her jean shorts to reveal her sheer lacy thong and long slim legs. “See? I went from everyday casual to seductress in just seconds, all thanks to classy underthings.”

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