Sapphire Blue Steamy Shower Play

After a long day of dancing, buxom UK beauty Sapphire Blue needs a shower to cool down and freshen up. “I love everything about dance, but one of my favorite things is washing away the grime after a good workout. I love the feeling of the water washing over my skin.” Wrapped in a fluffy white towel with her long blonde hair piled atop her head, Sapphire enters the walk-in shower and turns the water on to warm. As soon as the spray of water reaches the right temperature, she discards the towel to reveal the full bounty of her voluptuously curvy body and big bouncing breasts.

Stepping beneath the shower spray, Sapphire turns around slowly to moisten her skin. Then she pours some floral-scented liquid soap into her hands and rubs her palms together vigorously to create suds that she begins to spread all over her stunning body “I’m very meticulous when I shower,” she comments as she runs her hands up and down her smooth legs and her shaved mound. “There’s nothing better than knowing I’m clean all over.” Another dollop of soap gives her enough suds to work over her flat belly and to cover her huge tits. She takes her time with the heavy globes, paying lots of attention to her taut nipples and big areolas.

Once she is assured that she hasn’t missed a spot on her satiny soft skin, Sapphire steps beneath the shower’s spray to let the water sluice the bubbles away. Well after the soap is gone, Sapphire’s hands continue to roam her chest and play with her diamond hard nipples. “Mmm, that warm water really relaxes me, but it also makes me feel kind of horny.” Reaching above her head to remove the shower wand from its anchoring, Sapphire adjusts the spray to massage and aims it at her long neck. She lowers the showerhead down her body slowly, stretching out the pleasure before finally reaching her ultimate destination: her juicy pussy. Check out Sapphire’s whole steamy shower scene right now only at, home of the Internet’s hottest sexy girls.