Vanessa Sky Short School Uniform

At 18, Czech beauty Vanessa Sky is an all-natural newcomer to the adult modeling scene. “I decided to do some modeling while I finish up with secondary school to earn some money towards University. I had no idea how much fun it would be!” Still dressed in her school uniform of a white jumper, blue shirt, and knee-high socks, Vanessa curls up on the couch while she chats with us. Her long brown hair falls in a straight sheet down her back and the jumper rides high on her thighs, revealing a hint of blue panties that match the rest of her outfit.

As the conversation slows down, Vanessa smiles and touches her hand to the hem of her jumper. “Do you want me to undress now?” We agree that it would be nice to see a little more of her delicate pale skin, and our brunette beauty obliges us. Slipping her jumper and shirt over her head, Vanessa reveals her lovely body with its perky upturned boobs and generous curves. Wearing just her socks, Vanessa returns to the couch.

After a few more minutes of posing, she gestures shyly to a Magic Wand vibrator lying on the floor nearby. “If you let me use that I’ll be sure to cum for you.” Of course we tell that we’d love to see her use her toy! Settling back with her silky legs parted to show off her pink shaved pussy, Vanessa turns the vibrator on and applies the tip to her juicy slit. Her moans of pleasure are soft at first as she continues to slide the toy up and down, but they quickly grow louder when she concentrates her attention on just her sensitive clit. As promised, the vibrator helps Vanessa bring herself to an incredible orgasm–and that’s just the beginning of what this cutie has in store. Head on over to to check out Vanessa’s whole sexy shoot in high quality pics and video!