Melody Jordan Fucks on Couch

20 year old college cutie Melody Jordan has the perfect creamy complexion of a natural redhead and a curvy body that oozes sex appeal. To get a shoot with this college coed, though, we had to give in to a few of her demands. “I won’t get intimate with someone who doesn’t get me. You’re going to have to find a guy who’s a vegan and who’s into volunteering his time for a good cause if you want a hardcore shoot.” When we finally found a man who fit Melody’s criteria and put the two of them together, it was clear that this beautiful bombshell would be worth the extra effort.

Dressed in just a clingy shirt and polka dot panties, Melody sashays her way towards her beau. She lifts her shirt as she walks, exposing her perky medium sized boobs that jiggle with every step she takes. Pulling the shirt over her head, she hooks her fingers into her panties next and slides them down her hips and long legs. Nude, she stands before her naked and aroused man and looks him up and down with frank assessment. “You, love, are absolutely perfect. I couldn’t have dreamed up someone sexier.”

Before her man can react to the compliment, Melody places her hand in the middle of his chest and pushes him backwards onto the couch. Climbing atop him, she plants a searing kiss on his lips as she slides his long dick between her plump ass cheeks and moves her bottom up and down to generate some pleasant friction. “This feels nice, but I what I really want is your dick inside of me.” As she speaks, Melody adjusts her body so that a swift flex of her hips brings her tight hole down onto her man’s pulsing erection. You can check out the whole raunchy shoot online in high definition pics and video right now only at