Lilly Banks Outside Bikini

Once in a while if we’re very lucky we will run into a model whose good looks are simply incredible and whose appetite for sex is insatiable. When we met 21 year old Lilly Banks, we knew right away that she was one of those models! Greeting us at the door wearing a sexy white bikini, this tanned temptress has our whole crew hooked with a smile as she turns and beckons us to come in. “Hey, you guys! I was just changing to go out and sunbathe while I waited for you. Too bad you’re early. I was really looking forward to catching a few rays.”

It’s a beautiful day outside so we assure Lilly that we’re in no hurry to actually get into the house. In fact, we’re perfectly happy to get things started right where we are! Turning to glance over her shoulder at us, she tilts her head and her long blonde hair falls in waves over her shoulder. “Are you sure? Because I have no problem getting nude right here as long as you’re okay with it.” As she talks, Lilly’s hands are at her hip and behind her back, simultaneously untying the knots holding her bikini on her body.

As the two pieces fall to her feet in unison to reveal Lilly’s delectable curves and her shaved mound, we snap pictures as though our lives depend on it. None of us wants to miss a moment of this perfect unveiling! Laughing, Lilly steps inside the house much eariler than we expected her to and sinks down onto the hardwood floor. “I didn’t want to sit down on the ground outside, but I’m definitely feeling turned on right now. Do you want to see what happens when I’m turned on?” Curling her knees up so that she can access her juicy slit from behind, Lilly slides a hand down her luscious bottom and slips a finger into her pussy so easily that we know she’s already wet and ready for sex! If you want to see what happens next, head on over to to check out Lilly’s whole sexy set in HD pics and video!

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