Candice Love Cums on Couch

20 year old Candice Love leads a busy life, juggling her time between modeling, studying as a full time student, and working as an escort. “I don’t have a lot of free time, but I love everything I do. I wouldn’t give up any of it right now. Especially when I have such good success mixing business and pleasure with my escort and modeling services.” We see exactly what Candice means about mixing business and pleasure when we catch up with her to shoot some photos as she’s getting ready to go for an escorting gig.

The short polka dot dress she’s wearing barely covers all of the essentials. With her long brown hair framing her pretty face, this college cutie is ready for a night of playing arm candy for her man. “I just love escorting, especially when the guy is hot. I don’t really like to kiss and tell, but your imagination can probably fill in the details…” Lying back on the couch, Candice slides her spaghetti straps down her arms and pulls her dress down to reveal her little boobs with their stunning big areolas. She pinches her nipples, and then pulls her skirt up to access her creamy pussy.

Closing her eyes, Candice slides two fingers into her tight hole. “Mmm, just thinking about some of those evenings and what happened gets me so hot. I’m going to have to give myself a quickie to take the edge off before I go out on this date.” Pumping her fingers in and out of her horny twat, Candice leans forward to palm the soft flesh of her rounded ass with her other hand. Squeezing her bottom, Candice cums with a moan. “That happened so fast, I wonder if I can get in another one before I have to leave.” If you want to see how many times Candice can make herself cum, head on over to now to find her whole raunchy set in HD pics and video!