Zarena Summers Full Length Mirror

21 year old brunette bombshell Zarena Summers has never wanted for anything in her life. This hot college girl is used to being pampered and treated like a princess, and she loves every minute of it! “I really love to spend my parents’ money. They give me anything I want, which is great because I’m pretty high maintenance. I’m rich and it’s important that I look the part.” It’s obvious that Zarena spends a lot of time and money making sure her body and clothes are perfect, and we absolutely love the final result.

This gorgeous girl is able to make anything she wears look good, which she demonstrates when she arrives at our shoot looking unbelievably sexy in an unbuttoned men’s shirt and a loosely knotted tie. With her silky brown hair hanging tousled and loose around her shoulders and her hardened nipples peeking out from beneath the white shirt, Zarena could have come from work just as easily as she could have come from her man’s bedroom. The mystery is part of the appeal. “The more expensive women’s clothing gets, the more uncomfortable it often is. Expensive men’s clothing feels great against my bare skin, though. I love to wear it and nothing else.”

Slipping the shirt off her slim shoulders and losing the tie, Zarena makes her way to her bedroom with its full length mirror in nothing but her white lacey panties. Staring at her reflection, she slowly runs her hands down her lithe body and then slides her panties down her toned legs. Her position shows off her luscious ass, and with her long hair flowing over her shoulders, Zarena’s perky boobs play hide and seek through the sleek caramel strands. “I had this mirror put in so I could watch myself undress and masturbate. You have no idea how hot it is to watch myself get off.” Head on over to now if you want to find out just how hot it can be to watch Zarena get herself off in her mirrored bedroom!