Remy LaCroix Exhibitionist Striptease

23 year old Remy LaCroix is an all-American beauty. More importantly, she loves to show off what she’s got no matter where she is. Dressed in a candy pink bikini, Remy settles herself by the edge of the pool in her apartment complex for today’s shoot. We ask her if she’s sure she wants to get naked outside when anyone might stumble across us, and she laughs. “I know I’ve got an amazing body and I love to flaunt it. I’m definitely an exhibitionist. I want other people to look, especially as the clothes start coming off!”

Removing her bikini top and stretching out on the soft towel that she has laid out on the ground, Remy makes good on her words. She notices the camera crew looking around nervously to see if anyone is coming, and she smiles. “Seriously, don’t worry about it. I sunbathe out here in the nude all the time. It’s a perk to most of the people who live around here.” She takes off her bikini bottom while she reassures us, defiantly exposing her perfect tan body to the world. We have to admit that the lack of tan lines is incredibly sexy and that we certainly wouldn’t mind if we stumbled across this brunette beauty sitting nude by the pool.

We begin our shoot in earnest, snapping pictures as Remy arranges herself in a series of sexy poses. Despite her reassurances and our appreciation for her stunning slim body we do our best to hurry up, which seems to amuse Remy to no end. Soon she starts to tease us about our discomfort. “Relax and slow down, guys! I brought a toy out to play with and I’m going to need some time to use it properly…” She picks up a little glass dildo that has been lying unnoticed on the blanket the whole time and licks runs the cool tip over her flat belly before positioning it over her juicy slit. You can watch Remy tease us with her public exhibitionism and then make herself cum with her dildo right now at, where all of the sexiest girls are featured each week.