Jodi Taylor Purple Miniskirt

Living in the Midwest can be stifling to a girl who loves to pleasure herself, but 19 year old Jodi Taylor has made it her mission to make up for lost time through her modeling career. “I never really knew what I was missing out on until I discovered modeling. Now it’s like a whole new world and I can’t get enough of it. Men, women, sex toys… I love all of it!”

Dressed casually in a soft blue t-shirt and a short purple miniskirt that doesn’t hide her blue panties beneath, Jodi no longer resembles a quiet Midwestern girl. This hot number is all woman now, and she’s not afraid to show it! “Now that I’ve gotten over my shyness I actually really love to show off my body.” As she speaks, she lifts her shirt to flash her all natural boobs for the camera. We love the way her nipples have tightened to little buds that just beg to be squeezed! Stripping her shirt all the way over her head, Jodi lightly runs her fingers down her curvy body until she reaches her miniskirt and slides it down her long legs.

Nude and proud, Jodi turns around to show off her luscious ass to the camera. “It’s one of my better assets, I think,” she says. Then she spreads her cheeks to show her pretty shaved pussy and we realize that Jodi’s other assets are just as compelling. The pink lips of her twat glisten with moisture that demonstrates just how turned on this little fireball is. “Do you want to see something really awesome? I’ve got this new toy I’ve been dying to use.” Walking over to the bed, she holds up a giant blue dildo. Licking the tip, she looks at our crew and tilts her head. “How much of this do you think I can take?” You can watch Jodi test out her new toy right now only at