Grace Hartley Back For More

Perfection is hard to find, so when we come across a gorgeous model who is fun to work with and an instant hit on the site we always try to bring her back for more. That was the case with Grace Hartley, a blonde bombshell from Czech. Her beautiful smile and curvy toned body were so popular that we begged her to come back for a second shootand she agreed! “I was really excited when I was asked to model for Nubiles again. I got so much fan mail from my first time that I wanted to do more.”

Even dressed down in a simple t-shirt and a short pink skirt, Grace is sex appeal defined. Her long blonde hair frames her lovely rounded face, and her full pink lips are utterly kissable. As though she’s reading our minds, Grace turns to the camera and blows a kiss as she slides her t-shirt off to reveal her all natural boobs with dusky areolas and pouty nipples that beg to be sucked and licked. “I’m lonely over here all by myself,” she murmurs as her shirt hits the floor. “Won’t one of you come keep me company?” There wasn’t a man working the shoot that didn’t wish that we could put pleasure first!

Once the idea to seduce one of the crew members crosses Grace’s mind, she doesn’t give up. Standing, she stretches her long lithe limbs and then runs her hands down her slim body. When she pulls her skirt down to reveal her shaved slick pussy, none of us can stop staring. She looks over at the crew with a knowing smile. “I know you want me. You want to touch me and fuck me. Which one of you is brave enough to do it?” Without waiting to see if she has a volunteer, she spreads her legs wide and moves her hand so her fingers rest over her juicy slit. “Let’s see who gives in first. Will one of you help me or will I cum on my own?” Head on over to now to check out Grace’s sexy set and see whether she manages to entice a crew member into joining her!