Lily Naughty Kitchen Masturbate

Tall, slim, and perfectly proportioned, 23 year old Lily is nothing short of gorgeous. We can’t help but be excited to work with her, especially when we discover that she is just as sweet in person as she looks. In fact, this lovely lady actually has an old fashioned streak that makes her even more appealing once we start chatting. “I’m actually pretty family oriented. I love kids and can’t wait to have some of my own someday,” she says as she hops up on the kitchen counter and swings her feet in a gesture that shows off the long lean length of her legs. When Lily runs her small hands up her flat belly and drags her tank top up to her little boobs, we have a hard time deciding which part of her to stare at!

Lily seems determined to give us an impressive show now that she knows she has our full attention. Sliding her tank top over her head and then wriggling out of her little green shorts, she stands before us with clear pride in her gorgeous body. “There’s still a long time before I have kids, though, and I want to have as much fun as I can until then…” It’s surprisingly hard to focus on having a conversation with Lily when she’s showing off such a perfect expanse of pale smooth skin!

Cupping her all natural tits in her hands, Lily plumps them to show off the valley of her cleavage and her small perky nipples. We love the way her little areolas pebble with excitement right before our eyes. Her boobs are wonderful to look at, but several members of the shoot can’t help that their eyes are drawn down to the pink lips of Lily’s shaved pussy that peak out between her thighs. She slides a hand down to cup her juicy slit, teasing us. “You like looking at this? Let me show you more, then.” Climbing back onto the counter, Lily slides her legs apart to show off her dripping wet twat. We watch with anticipation as her hand returns to her soft lips and her fingers seek out her horny clit to start massaging it. You can find Lily’s whole high quality shoot right now only at, home of all of the freshest hot faces on the web.