Lauren Lace Hot Tight Pants

In order to keep her stunning figure, Czech beauty Lauren Lace needs to put in some time at the gym every week. “I used to play tennis and that kept me in pretty good shape, but these days it’s just easier to work out at the gym. I meet a lot of cute guys there, too!” When we ask Lauren if we could shoot her after one of her workouts, she seems happy to go along with our request. She shows up after a stint at the gym dressed in a sexy loose halter top and black spandex leggings so tight that they reveal everything about her incredible body. I think every man on the set fell in love at that moment as we all stared at her amazing ass!

Laughing and smiling, Lauren teases us by wiggling her luscious butt in a spontaneous dance move. We can’t tear our eyes off of her, and Lauren takes advantage. Turning around, she pulls her halter top down to reveal her round perky tips. There is no bra in sight, either! Her nipples stiffen to twin peaks as we gaze at her and snap plenty of pictures. “I never realized I could feel sexy after I’ve worked up a sweat, but isn’t that the whole goal of sex?”

The very idea of sex seems to spur Lauren on a quest for pleasure. Sinking to the ground, Lauren pulls off her halter top and drags her tight pants down to pool at her ankles. Bending her knees, she exposes her perfect shaved pussy. When she slides her hand down her flat stomach and spreads her swollen lips, we can see that she is dripping with pearls of cum. “I’ll never be able to work out in front of all those guys at the gym again without thinking about how sexy I feel. I’ll want to make myself cum right then and there.” She doesn’t sound like she thinks that’s a bad thing so we take that as a compliment! You can admire Lauren’s tight black pants (believe us, they’re a must-see) and then watch this insatiable hottie bring herself to orgasm right now, only at