Lauren Lace Sheer Corset

21 year old brunette beauty Lauren Lace is always on the lookout for a man she can dominate. Her incredible confidence is evident in the way she dresses and, equally importantly, in the way she carries herself once her clothes come off. “I like to be in charge of everything in the bedroom. When I’m in charge I know that everyone will be happy at the end. I don’t like to brag but I’ve never left anybody wanting.” Dressed in a sheer lacey corset that shows off her amazing deep cleavage, Lauren certainly looks the part of woman-in-charge when she joins us on the set of our shoot.

Laid out on a couch, Lauren is a dream in lace. It’s almost a disappointment when she teasingly brings her hand to her chest and begins to unlace her bodice. “I love this outfit, but it’s not very good when I want to stretch out and make myself comfortable. It’s got to go.” She stands long enough to shimmy out of her dress, and then gives us a slow 180 so we can get an eyefull of all that she has to offer with her long legs and luscious curves. We are certainly impressed by all of the lovely Lauren’s charms.

Settling down on the couch once again, Lauren brings her knees up to her chest and spreads herself wide to show off her pink shaved pussy while squeezing her rounded ass cheek. “My favorite way of masturbating is with one hand curved around my legs. It opens me up and helps my fingers get to my g-spot better.” Lauren shows us exactly what she means, delving her long fingers deep into her tight hole while her other hand massages her horny clit to help charge her towards an incredible climax. You can check out Lauren’s lacey corset and watch her finger herself until she cums right now only at, where all of the Internet’s freshest young faces are brought to you weekly.