Lina Miles French Maid Role Play

25 year old Russian beauty Lina Miles doesn’t have a lot of spare time, so she has to have as much fun as she can whenever the opportunity arises. “I love my modeling career because it lets me live out many of my fantasies.” For our shoot, Lina asked if she could do a little bit of role playing. “I have always wanted to dress as a sexy maid. I even bought the lingerie to do it, but I’ve been too busy to find someone to wear it for.” We all agree that Lina will look scrumptious as a French maid, so that’s what she changes into.

Wearing thigh-high stockings and a sheer maid uniform that hints at her medium sized boobs and black underwear beneath, Lina emerges from her room with a huge smile on her face. “It feels as sexy to be wearing this as I hoped it would. Now tell me, what kind of messes can I clean up for you?” I think that all of us wish we had a mess she really could clean! After she has had some time to strut her stuff around the room, Lina sinks to the couch and slides the maid costume over her head so she can freely access her perky sensitive tits. Closing her eyes and squeezing her tender nipples until they harden into tiny nubs, Lina lets out a small moan that lets us know how much she is enjoying this fantasy.

Sliding her panties down over her sheer stockings and high heels, Lina brings her knees up to expose her pouty pink pussy. We can see the pearls of moisture beading along her horny slit, and she spreads her lips to give us a better view. “Since there’s nothing to clean up, I suppose it’s okay if I take a break to enjoy myself…” Sliding her fingertips down her juicy twat, she drives two fingers deep into her tight hole before removing them and licking her creamy essence off. We can tell by the way her other hand continues to massage her slippery pussy that Lina is only getting started. To see what this raunchy maid does next to bring herself to her inevitable orgasm, head on over to