Lola Foxx Lacey Corset

When buxom and beautiful Lola Foxx steps into the room for her photo shoot wearing only a black and blue corset complete with thigh-high stockings and garters, every man in the room is immediately captivated by her stunning body. The bright blue lacy corset stands out against the backdrop of her silky black hair, drawing the eye to the perfect curves of this vixen’s sumptuous body. “I love to dress in sexy clothes that give me good cleavage. There’s something about going to a concert wearing something that shows off my body and dancing the night away that gets me totally hot. I think it’s because I know that every guy in the place is watching me.”

We can barely stand the thought of Lola ruining the pretty picture she makes with her form-fitting lingerie, but when she reaches to her chest and pops her huge tits out of their confinement we realize that this bombshell is potentially even more potent without her clothing. Lola must have noticed our unsubtle stares because she laughs and wriggles her chest to make her big boobs bounce. “Do you like these? I like it when you look.” While we watch, entranced, she reaches up to pinch one puckered nipple before resuming her striptease.

Soon, Lola stands before us clad only in her sheer thigh highs that hug her scrumptious long legs. She does a slow 360 turn to let us admire all of her gorgeous assets before settling on the couch. Spreading her legs and the lips of her shaved pussy, she shows us that she is already wet and eager for sex. “I have so many turn ons these days,” she murmurs as she slips a finger into her juicy slit and slowly rubs her sensitive clitoris. “I feel like I constantly want to masturbate. Let me show you.” If you want to see Lola rock her world, head on over to where you can find all of the sexiest girls on the Internet.