Lina Miles Ice Cream Orgasm

Russian sex kitten Lina Miles likes to spice things up with amorous adventures all over her apartment. Wearing silky panties and a thin white shirt that clearly shows her round perky boobs and puffy brown areolas, Lina begins our shoot in the kitchen. “I live with a roommate, but since she’s often part of my sexcapades I don’t feel shy about making myself cum wherever I want.” Lina shows us just how comfortable she is in the kitchen by retrieving an ice cream cone from the freezer and licking it as she lifts her shirt above her round tits to show us her perky assets.

We soon learn that the ice cream isn’t just a treat for Lina’s taste buds. By pushing her shirt up out of the way, she has uncovered a canvas of smooth pale skin that she can use to create a masterpiece. Dapping at her diamond hard nipples and belly button with the ice cream, she paints a delicious picture on her body. “I just love making a mess. Especially a delicious one!” she comments as she slides her panties down her legs and kicks them to the side.

Sinking down onto a chair, Lina lifts her legs and smears the ice cream cone down her pink shaved pussy. When she reaches her tight hole she pushes the cone into her twat, clearly loving the cold cream juxtaposed against her hot horny slit. “If only I had someone to help me eat all of this, everything would be perfect.” She has only her fingers and the ice cream to satisfy herself, and we love the way this brunette beauty makes do by fingering herself to completion. When she licks her sticky fingers with an expression that tells us that she loves her sugary taste, it’s the cherry on top of an amazing orgasm. You can watch Lina indulge in her sweet treat only at, where all of the Internet’s most adventurous young vixens come out to play.