Chloe Lynn Workout Beauty

After a long sweaty workout session, 20 year old cheerleader and gymnast Chloe Lynn needs to spend some personal time cooling down. “I probably don’t work out as much as I should now that I’m not on the high school cheerleading team any more, but I still like to hit the gym a few times a week. I love that sticky and tired feeling when I’m done!” Stepping into the bathroom still wearing her workout clothes, Chloe turns the shower on to warm and works on stripping down to nothing while the water heats up.

First to go are Chloe’s socks, revealing her beautiful toned legs and petite cute feet. She moves on to her tight short shorts, peeling away from her creamy shaved pussy. When she takes a few extra moments to massage her horny slit before moving on, we don’t complain! “Working out also makes me really, really horny,” she confesses a few moments later as she reaches up to slide the spaghetti straps of her white tank top down her arms. Chloe’s boobs are small enough that she doesn’t need to wear a bra to look good, and there’s an added bonus that we can see through her shirt how tight and hard her nipples are even before the top is lifted away.

Finally naked, Chloe steps into the shower and spins around to make sure that we have a good look at her entire delectable toned body. “Usually when I’m this turned on after a workout I can’t wait until I’m out of the shower. The warm water all over my body makes me want to cum even more!” Detaching the shower head from the wall, Chloe slowly spreads her legs and presses the stream of warm water to her juicy slit, closing her thighs around the wand to secure it in place and massaging her sensitive tits with one hand. You can catch Chloe’s entire steamy shower scene now only at, where all of the Internet’s hottest girls show their stuff.