Sasha Dii Mini Skirt Babe

Tall, brunette, and gorgeous, 22 year old Sasha Dii is ready to take the world of adult modeling by storm. We could tell from the first time we saw this delectable girl that she possessed the full package: beauty, passion, and brains. Best of all is her dedication to her work! “I work out a lot to keep my body toned and fit, both for myself and for my job.” We love to admire the proof of Sasha’s efforts, from her incredible long legs to her slim waist and gorgeous face. We especially appreciate the way that her perky boobs and firm ass still give her plenty of womanly curves. Sasha definitely has a rockin’ body!

Sasha begins her shoot with a splash, selecting just a short frilly skirt with a barely-there thong and high heeled shoes to start. As she strutted into the room, her nice tits bounced with every step, drawing our attention to her small pink nipples that had already hardened. When she sees us staring at her knockers, she teases us by covering them with her hands and rubbing her palms over her rock hard nipples. “Just thinking about this shoot has made me so horny. My nipples were too sensitive to wear anything over them.”

We begin our shoot, snapping pictures and video as Sasha flirts with the camera. She shimmies out of her miniskirt quickly, but takes her time sliding her thong down her silky thighs. Her high heels accentuate her legs as she strips, making her already long legs seem to go on for a mile. As Sasha’s hands slowly remove her thong, many of us find ourselves thinking that we wouldn’t mind those long legs wrapped around us while we plunge our raging erections inside her tight twat that she keeps giving us glimpses of! Sasha can sense the sexual tension in the room, and she sends us a saucy smile. “You’ll see everything soon enough, boys, but for now I want to take it slow.” You can watch as Sasha shows off her incredible body and then pleasures herself until she cums, only at

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