Candy Love Tall Goddess

Scrumptious 22 year old Candy Love is every man’s fantasy girl. Blonde and perfectly proportioned, Candy arrives for her shoot sporting a pretty pink top and a ruffled skirt that show off her assets to their fullest potential. We especially love the way her skirt doesn’t quite cover her cute round butt that just begs to be squeezed. Candy is in a playful mood to begin the shoot, posing in all kinds of flirty positions and laughing freely. “I’m always so full of energy on days when I have shoots,” she confides as she twirls a strand of her silky hair around her finger. “There’s something about showing off on camera that just gets me so hot.”

Candy shows us just how hot the thought makes her by slipping her shirt over her head, and then using her long fingers to pinch her small puckered nipples. “All of the boys love to watch me touching my tits, but I feel like they ignore my best asset.” Sliding her hands down to her peachy ass, Candy lifts up her skirt and turns around to give us an excellent view of her sweet bottom and show us exactly what she’s talking about. When she faces the camera again, we are treated to a gorgeous view of her shaved twat and wet pussy. It is easy to see that Candy is ready for some action!

Stripping her skirt off to leave herself in only her high heels, Candy can’t seem to stop touching her toned body and making small moans of pleasure as she poses for more pictures. We don’t mind the extra action, especially when we can clearly see how wet and horny Candy’s pussy is becoming as she slowly strokes herself. “As soon as I’m done here, I need to cum,” she murmurs as we ask her for yet another pose. We tell her not to hold back on our account, and that’s all the permission this hot number needs to take our shoot to a whole new level. If you want to see what Candy does next, you’ll have to go to, where you can find high quality pics and video of the whole sexy set.