Chloe Blue High Heel Goddess

Fresh-faced 18 year old Chloe Blue is extremely fashion conscious, as we had the opportunity to discover during our recent photo shoot. “I love to window shop at high end designer boutiques and read about old fashion models and photographers.” Chloe may not have the budget for those shops she covets right now, but she does an amazing job of flaunting what she’s got. When Chloe meets us wearing high heels that make her legs seem a mile long and dressed in pink filmy lingerie held together by just a ribbon beneath her tiny tits, we can’t believe what a pretty picture she makes. We are so enchanted by this youthful beauty that we ask her for some special poses to show off all of her best assets for the camera.

After a while, Chloe’s patience with her clothing seems to run thin and she begins to fidget with her top. “That’s the problem with dressing in sexy lingerie,” she laughs as she slides the shoulders down to reveal her perfect boobs. “I can never wait to take it off.” We already knew that Chloe was one sultry girl, but watching her run her hands up her tight stomach and cup her lucious breasts in her hands while pinching her diamond hard nipples brought a whole new definition to the word hot!

It seemed as though once Chloe got started with pleasuring herself, it was impossible for her to stop. Leaving one hand to massage her perky tits, she slid the other down to push the bottom of her lingerie up to expose her rounded ass and her drenched pussy. “When I’m alone, I like to dress in lingerie and then pretend that someone else is taking it off of me. When I close my eyes it’s easy to pretend that I’m feeling someone else’s hands all over my body.” Chloe proceeded to demonstrate exactly how she wanted to be touched by thrusting her fingers into her dripping twat. To see all of the ways that Chloe wishes she could be pleasured, check out, where you’ll find all of the web’s freshest faces.